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Hello and welcome to Epic Trout. Im Brad Stout and co-founder of this site. I have been trout fishing for my entire life and it's my addiction. I first learned to fish with my father and than with friends. I now find my bulk of fishing is done with my kids, Ashley and Katie who are my favorite fishing partners. As a family we have been blessed to have caught several epic trout. Which include several 5 pound brook,Cutthroats over 20 pounds,Browns over 20 pounds and lakers over 30 pounds. Katie and Ashley each hold current I.G.F.A world for their age class.

The reason I'm excited about Epic Trout is the ability to give back to the sport I love. Over the years I have been known for being extremely secretive and not willing to share the lessons that I have acquired over time. All thou I have had some great Success in catching trophies I found myself feeling empty at times and in the big picture I wasn't helping others enjoy the sport of fishing rather I was hoarding information. I still believe in keep a few things to myself like a favorite trolling run or a hole in river.

I help with Nevada fish and game to teach youth groups and kids with disabilities learn how to fish. This has been very rewarding personally and I have come to relies one of the best ways for me to contribute is to give back is with education vs information .

My involvement with epictrout will focus on education rather than my past present or future fishing success . I will concentrate on product reviews and " how to" video and articles. The " how to " will contain lure making, air brushing lures, taxidermy and fishing techniques .

Please take a look around and come back often. Feel free to email me if you have any request for future article and videos.


 My name is Mark K. and I am the other co-founder of this site.  I have been chasing trophy trout since I was a little kid.  I loved it so much that I decided to get a degree in Fish Biology from Oregon State and work for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for several years before moving on to other endeavors.  I am also a web geek.  I have developed several websites including www.acplugs.com and the original design over at www.trophytroutguide.com

I have caught many species of gamefish from yellowfin tuna to giant largemouth bass to golden trout.  As I get older my love for trout continues to grow and these days I am pretty much only thinking about chasing trout.

I hope you enjoy this site.  We will be working hard to provide you with lots of content.  Enjoy!   


I'm Matt Carollo and fishing is my addiction.  Growing up in Truckee, California  I was raised to love and respect the outdoors.  After graduating from the university of Utah with a B.A. in Film I landed a job in Park City, Utah.  Producing and editing fishing and hunting shows for ESPN, NATGEO, History Channel and Outdoor Channel.  I've got to travel to Mexico, Central America, Alaska and Africa.  On these adventures I've caught a variety of fish but nothing gets my heart pumping more than catching a 10 pound trout in a mountain lake or river.

As a new father I look forward to teaching my son the importance of experiencing the outdoors. My fishing adventures will be changing, It’s no longer about me catching an epic trout; it’s about making great memories and inspiring my son to love fishing the same ways my Dad and Grandpas taught me.  Not even a year old and I can ask him where the big fish is and he'll immediately look right at the 21.5lb brown trout I have mounted over the fireplace.

 As a photographer, I always have my camera with me.  Documenting and capturing moments in time is something I'm passionate about.  I've taken thousands of pictures of fish over the last 7 years and learned quite a few tricks along the way.  I am excited about Epict Trout and can't wait to share some tips on fishing, nature photography and video to inspire more people to get out and fish.


My name is Mark Wiza and I’m a trout fishing guide and writer in South Lake Tahoe, California. I’m excited to join my friends here at Epic Trout because we are all dedicated fishermen whose passion for the sport drives us to share stories and information with our fellow anglers.

When you read stories here you are not just getting second-hand reports from journalists who talked to or fished with an expert angler or guide, but from the experts themselves. Enjoy!

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