Eastern Sierra

City Name : Sierra

Temperature : .°F      Sunny Skies

Date : 07-19-2015

Report :

 EAST WALKER RIVER July 19, 2015

The East is still running at 60 cfs, the water temperatures are still good and the fish are still healthy and strong. The fishing has been a bit tough but if you're on your game and get your casts in the right places and your drifts good you should be able to bag a few nice fish. The section below the bridge on hwy 182 as well as the Nevada side of the river are still the most productive areas. There are fish hanging out on the deeper pools as well as underneath overhanging willows and some are hugging undercut banks. Be stealthy and look for fish in close before you get in the water. Patterns to try include fox's poopah, buckskin caddis, san juan worm, tungsten death, silver streak, rainbow warrior, chubby chernobyl, madam x and dark lord.

SCEIRINE RANCH July 19, 2015

The ranch is still hanging in there though some anglers are reporting having to change flies multiple times before figuring out what the fish want to eat. As with the Cali side you'll need to be stealthy and try not to spook fish before you have a chance to run a fly by them a few times. There are some smaller fish being caught but some of the bruisers are running up to around 22 inches. Give is a call if you want to spend some time on the ranch!


The trolling on Bridgeport has been pretty tough this past week but the bait anglers are still doing pretty well from boats over near the Rainbow Point area. Power bait, inflated crawlers and mice tails are doing well for lots of nice fish up to almost 5 pounds. Haven't heard of any perch making a showing lately. Unfortunately the shore fishing is pretty slow so you'll need to be out in a boat, kayak or tube.

KIRMAN LAKE July 19, 2015

Kirman is still pretty tough with anglers mostly reporting only one or no fish for their efforts. It sounds like the water is very low and there's a LOT of scud in the water and it seems the fish are just gorging themselves on the naturals. Throwing one fly patterns amongst thousands of real scud kind of hurts your odds of getting bit. We're very much looking forward to later in the season when the water cools and the scud become less active, this should help the angling considerably.

TWIN LAKES July 19, 2015

The Twins picked up nicely this week with lots of good reports on bait and some nice fish being caught trolling. The fly anglers had a little tougher go this week compared to last week. For fly angling I'd recommend using a fast sinking line and trying to run your streamers down around 20 or 30 feet when possible, buggers and leech patterns with soft hackle droppers should get you some fish if you get them deep. Bait anglers did great with mice tails as well as some fish on crawlers and power bait. Trolling anglers are doing the best with lead core rigs with 6 to 8 colors out dragging small rapalas, needlefish and thomas bouyants.


The West is clear and fishing pretty well right now, bait anglers are doing well with salmon eggs and crawlers, lure anglers are using panther martins, thomas bouyants and rooster tails. Fly anglers are doing well with hoppers, ants, humpy's, royal wulff,prince nymphs, pheasant tails, zug bugs and hare's ears.

VIRGINIA LAKES July 19, 2015

The Virginias are still hanging in there with some nice fish being reported on mice tails, power bait, crawlers, panther martins, kastmasters and thomas bouyants. The fly anglers are using beetles and ants on top as well as seal buggers, simi seal leeches, soft hackles and aggravator prince nymphs.



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