pyramid lake

City Name : pyramid lake

Temperature : 61°F      Sunny Skies

Date : 10-07-2015

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Todd M

 World class fishing is happening at Pyramid Lake in Nevada. Opening day was October 1st and the fishing reports were ridiculous.  So ridiculous that on October 3rd I made a half day trip just to be part of the excitement. I wanted to stick around town and watch my daughter's soccer game and as soon as the game ended I raced out to the Lake and bummed a ride on my buddy's boat.  Not 10 minutes after leaving the boat ramp we started catching fish. After releasing a beautiful cutthroat, I found myself gazing into the water thinking to myself how beautiful Pyramid Lake is nestled in the Nevada Desert, when I noticed something wrong. I knew we were around 50 feet of water so I couldn't understand how the bottom of the lake was rapidly coming into my view.  "We are going to hit bottom!" I shouted.  Then it dawned on me. It wasn't the bottom, it was a huge school of chub the size of a house heading by us just a few feet under the boat. I quickly grabbed my rod and dropped my lure straight down through the stampede of tui chub. My line went to a dead stop somewhere around 20 feet down. I set the hook and immediately the reel screams the drag. The cutthroat on my line headed straight down and then bulldogs directly away from the boat.  Pyramid Lake has a new strain of cutthroat trout, it's called the Pilot Peak strain and it is an extremely strong fighting powerful trout. This is exactly the type of fish that I have on my line.  I know better than to relax until these trophy trout hit the net.  Incredibly, only 15 minutes after arriving at the Lake, I'm holding a monster cutthroat trout nearly 3 feet long.  Incredible fishery 

Just 15 minutes on the lake

Pyramid is roughly 29 miles by 8 miles and the weather can change in just a few minutes so please keep you eye on winds.  On Saturday, we had planned on fishing until sundown but Pyramid had different plans for us.  Lightning, thunder and rough water pushed us off the lake early. It's better to be safe than sorry.

What lures work, you ask? It's better to ask what lures don't work.  If you are a newcomer to Pyramid Lake, here are some time tested winners for trolling from a boat:  Flatfish, Lyman, Apex and Rapala. The shore anglers are catching cutthroats on Spoons and 1/4 Marabou jigs with spinning gear. Fly fishermen have moved out from shore to utilize float tubes, pontoon boats and kayaks.  Stripping wooly worms on fast sinking line.
Austin JR. being towed around the lake

Where to fish?  Fish Pyramid's many sand drop offs, cluster of rocks or a fresh water spring.  Per most reports the most common factor for catching double digit cutthroats is finding the schools of chub.
Cutthroat full of Tui Chub

Tail of the tape:

Water temperature is 61 degrees.

35 to 40 feet on suspended fish in open water.

Colors in open water: White, watermelon and chartreuse.

Colors when fishing bait balls.  Gold/black, gold/green and gold.  The closer you can get to the real color patter of a tui chub the better. 
Max O landed this one all by himself

If you have ever dreamed of catching a trophy size trout (cutthroats to be exact) there's no better time than right now to mark this one off of your bucket list.
By Brad Stout
Mike S with a 20 pounder

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