Eastern Sierra

City Name : Easten Sierras

Temperature : °F      Sunny Skies

Date : 05-08-2016

Report :


The East is running at about 214 cfs right now, this is the highest the river has been for quite some time! This increase in flow caused the river to be pretty muddy for a couple days but the clarity has gotten better now. There's still been some pretty good fish being caught and there seems to be quite a few fish that have moved back into the "Miracle Mile" section from down below. I wouldn't say the river is fishing excellent right now but if you put in your time and get your drifts near the bottom you should be able to pick up some fish. Streamers have been doing pretty well as well as small nymphs and midges. The caddis are just starting to get moving but aren't really ready to hatch out too much yet. Patterns to try down there include: radiation baetis, micro mayfly, zebra midge, san juan worm, mercury midge, miracle nymph, rainbow warrior, silver streak, zuddler, zonker, double bunny, sculpzilla, jj special.


The Ranch fished a little tougher this past week, probably due to the crazy weather fluctuations as well as the water flows changing several time. Streamers are still producing some nice fish as well as nymphs and midges. The higher flows have slowed the dry/dropper action a bit. The patterns that are listed above should also do the trick on the Ranch.


Bridgeport is fishing pretty good from boats but much tougher from the shore. There are some fish being caught from the shore with bait and lures but the anglers fishing from boats, both trolling and bait fishing are doing better. We've had fish up to about 5 pounds make a showing this week. Trollers are using small rapalas, blades and crawlers, needlefish and thomas bouyants. Bait anglers are using inflated crawlers, mice tails, power bait and some power eggs. There has also been a little fly action here and there with streamers like buggers, seal buggers, simi seal leeches and zuddlers.

KIRMAN LAKE May 08, 2016

We haven't had the chance to talk to anyone about Kirman yet, as soon as we get some reports we'll pass them along!! Come on now, throw us a bone and let us and your fellow anglers know how it's been up there!!

TWIN LAKES May 08, 2016

The Twins are still kicking out some nice fish though like Bridgeport the boat angling seems to be much better than the shore angling. Trolling and bait fishing from boats seems to be the best with trollers using rapalas, needlefish and thomas bouyants and bait anglers using crawlers and mice tails. There have also been some folks trolling flies and getting into some fish as well.


The West has been pretty tough with the rain and some snow melting this past week, the flows are pretty high and the water is very off color. With these conditions you'll need to find some of the more slack water where fish will be hiding behind rocks or logs or in deeper pools. Add some weight to your rig and get your lures, bait or flies to the bottom. Lures to try are panther martins, kastmasters and thomas bouyants, for bait go with crawlers or mice tails. Flies to try include prince nymphs, pheasant tails, wooly buggers and zuddlers.


The Virginias are still frozen and not really wanting to break up just yet. I wouldn't trust the ice on Little V but Big V is still safe to go out on. The fishing on Big V has still been pretty good with lots of nice brookies and rainbows showing up. You can drop bait down like crawlers or mice tails or you can jig trout teasers or sierra slammers off the bottom for some good success.


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