Eastern Sierra

City Name : eastern sierras

Temperature : 70°F      Sunny Skies

Date : 05-06-2017

Report :

?EAST WALKER RIVER?? ? ? ? ? April 30, 2017

The East is running about 420 cfs right now, the fishing in tough down there but there are definitely some nice fish being caught. The best reports we’ve received from fly anglers have been on streamers. Most anglers are not reporting huge numbers of fish but the quality of fish being caught is very good, lots of fish over 4 pounds are being reported. Wading can be difficult with these kinds of flows so be careful while in the water. Flies to try down there include: zuddlers, zonkers, sculpzilla, double bunny, JJ special and sculpin patterns.?

SCEIRINE RANCH?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?April 30, 2017??

We haven’t had anyone on the ranch this past week but will relay info as soon as we get some reports from down there.?

HUNEWILL POND ? ? ? ? ? ? ??April 30, 2017

We’ve had several groups of anglers on the pond this weekend and the fishing out there is absolutely on fire! Anglers have been?reporting catch rates in?the dozens each day, mostly rainbows with an occasional brown. The best fishing seems to be with a dry/dropper rig though there have been some fish being caught on leech patterns. As good as the fishing is out there the calendar is going to start filling up pretty fast so if you?want some time on the pond be sure to call us in advance. Successful patterns include: ice nymph, rojo midge, zebra midge, pheasant tail, soft hackle, seal bugger, stillwater nymph and mini leeches.

BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR?? ? ? ? ? ???April 30, 2017???

Bridgeport is off to a good start this season with lots of nice rainbows up to 6 pounds making a showing and some browns up to almost 8 pounds being landed. Shore anglers had a little slower time in the morning yesterday but the action picked up as the day wore on, seemed like the best fishing from shore was with bait like mice tails and night crawlers. Boat anglers did the best either bait fishing or trolling. There were a few fly anglers out there who were able to get into a few fish but not as many as the anglers trolling. The best baits from boats also seemed to be mice tails and crawlers, trollers were using rapalas, speedy shiners and thomas bouyants. ? ?

KIRMAN LAKE? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?April 30, 2017???

We did have one report from Kirman yesterday from a couple of fly anglers. We were told the walk in wasn’t too bad,there is some snow on the trail between Junction and Kirman but they said it wasn’t too much to get over. Unfortunately they didn’t have any success fly fishing but they did say that they saw a few spin anglers casting lures from shore who were able to catch some nice cutthroat. They reported lots of scud in the water already so it sounds like you should be trying scud and leech patterns if you’re heading up there. ?

TWIN LAKES? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??April 30, 2017???

The Twins started off with a bang, again, this year with lots of nice rainbows up to around 6 pounds and browns up to almost 12 pounds! It sounded like the shore anglers didn’t do as well as the boat anglers though they did get into some nice fish here and there. Trolling seemed to be the best with rapalas and other stick baits. It sounds like many of the fish are already down around 40 feet or so so some lead core or downriggers shoule help get you there. ?

WEST WALKER RIVER?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ???April 30, 2017?? ?

We unfortunately didn’t get any reports from the West yesterday though we did hear this morning that the water hasn’t turned muddy yet. This should mean that even though the water is running high the fishing should still be pretty good. Try to find the calmer water and seams where fish will be hiding and throw some good sized spinners or spoons for some good action. Fly anglers should probably focus on streamers with the higher flow.?

VIRGINIA LAKES? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?April 30, 2017? ?

We had some reports from some tough anglers who made the hike into the Virginias yesterday. They reported 2 or 3 feet of snow on the ice and it sounds like the ice is around 6 or 7 feet thick. They punched 8 or 10 holes around the lake and spent most of the day up there unfortunately with no success. As the weather warms up and the snow and ice get melted more the fishing should get better up there.?

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