Eastern Sierra

City Name : eastern sierras

Temperature : °F      Sunny Skies

Date : 05-16-2017

Report :

 EAST WALKER RIVER           May 14, 2017

The East is running at about 830 cfs right now, it’s been at that flow for several days now. There’s a lot of snow melting off the mountain and the streams going into the Reservoir are at their banks each day. We haven’t talked to anyone who’s actually fished the river since it started running at 830, we have talked to a few anglers who went down to check it out and decided it was just too much water for them. If anyone was intent on giving it a try I would suggest first of all being extremely careful with any wading as the flow is very strong right now, as far as flies go I’d suggest large streamers with lots of fur and motion to them, double bunnies, zuddlers, zonkers, sculpzilla. Add sufficient weight to get them down as fast as possible, gear up to 1X, 2X and 3X tippets and hang on!  

SCEIRINE RANCH                May 14, 2017 

We haven’t had anyone on the ranch this week but when the flows start to come down we expect the fishing to be excellent down there! 

HUNEWILL POND               May 14, 2017

The H-Pond is still pretty much on fire, we had a little stormy and windy weather late this week and a few of the clients out there during this time were only able to get into 10 or 12 fish but when the wind lays down those fish are eating! Dry/dropper rigs as well as stripping leech patterns has been the ticket lately. Rojo midge, zebra midge, glass bead zebra, ice cream cone, mayer’s mini leech, zack attack leech, seal bugger and stilllwater nymph have all been doing well. 

BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR              May 14, 2017   

Bridgeport seems to be a hot spot this past week again, especially if you’re fishing from a boat. The trolling has been very good with nightcrawler, rapalas, speedy shiners and some trolling flies, bait fishing from boats has also been producing well with mice tails, crawlers and power bait. Most of the fish are running in the 2 to 4 pound class with a few tipping the scales around 5 pounds. Shore anglers are having limited success casting lures in the early morning and late evening like Rapalas and Thomas Bouyants and during the day they’re picking up some fish with crawlers and mice tails. The shore fishing isn’t as good as the boat fishing but they’re getting into some pretty nice fish here and there. Haven’t talked to any fly anglers on the Reservoir lately but I’d guess with the somewhat colder weather we’ve been having stripping streamers would be the ticket. 

KIRMAN LAKE                           May 14, 2017  

Didn’t get any reports from Kirman this week, I’m sure there has been some anglers heading up there but we just haven’t had a chance to talk to them. The weather is supposed to be kind of cruddy this week but this could help the fishing up there for anglers willing to make the hike. Try slow stripping streamers with soft hackle or AP emerger droppers or scud patterns. Lure anglers could try Roostertails, Thomas Bouyants and Vibrax spinners.  

TWIN LAKES                      May 14, 2017   

The Twins have been a little tough this week though the anglers who are working at it are being rewarded with some nice fat rainbows in the 2 to 5 pound range with good numbers of pan sized fish thrown in. Trolling deep with lead core or downriggers is a good call, you can drag rapalas, night crawlers or spoons for some success. Shore anglers are using mice tails, powerbait and crawlers near the inlets and off the points along the shore for some success. Haven’t heard of any big browns this week but with the stormy weather coming our way those big boys might just want to come out to play!

WEST WALKER RIVER                          May 14, 2017   

Haven’t talked to any anglers fishing the West lately, with the run-off in full swing it’s a pretty tough one up there. The water is raging pretty hard and very off color. Look forward to the flows coming down for the West to shape up and be much more user friendly. 

VIRGINIA LAKES                     May 14, 2017   

We hear the Virginia Lakes Road is open all the way now! There’s still quite a bit of ice on the lakes, maybe 4 or 5 feet or more. We haven’t talked to anyone who’s been ice fishing up there but based on previous reports I’d expect Big Virginia to be kicking out some fish. Little hasn’t produced too well yet so there should be some fish in there who are starting to get pretty hungry! Try jigging streamers or spoons off the bottom or dunking a mice tail or night crawler, dress warm and wear sunscreen!


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