Gomame Jig

 Williamson is a brand that falls within the Normark Group with the like of Rapala, Storm, VMC, Sufix, Luhr Jensen, Trigger x and several other industry leading brands. During the past 3 seasons we gave experimented with the Williamson metal jigs and quickly transferred over to them exclusively. The color schemes, different models, and actions simply out perform all other brands. 

This review is to focus in on the Williamson Gomame jig.  Offered in 7 foil finish colors arraying from natural patterns to attention getter and in weights from roughly 3/4 of an ounce to 1.75 ounce they are perfect for shallow water jigging or for casting and retrieving. They have a slight s mold to them that provided an undeniable wounded however action however you choose to fish them.

When we use them in Tahoe we rerig the hook to VMC sure set hook and tip the long hook with a minnow. This adds a tail action to the lure along with a natural scent that the fish cannot resist. We typically fish them in water less than 80ft often looking for pockets of schooled fish and start by fishing the edges of the schools and watching the sonar to see the aggressiveness of the fish given the day and proceed from there. When the fish move up to greet the jigs and we know the bite will be on, we then dump the jigs straight in to the schools and let em compete for them, if they seem a little hesitant we allow the drift to move us away and also move the jigs in depth frequently. The foil finish of these lures really reflects the sun light in the clear water of Tahoe making these a fantastic sunny day jig.

When checking shore zones for browns we cast them towards shore and use a retrieve and pump action with short pauses allowing them to sink to depth. Whether cast or fished vertically the strike tends to happened just as the line tightens or at the swing of the drop. The bite could be very subtle or violent indeed depending on the mood of the fish, and at times when you feel you are missing the bite it could be the fish slapping it away from their area. We also highly recommend fishing them on Sufix 832 Braid with a Sufix Flouro topshot for inviable presentation and little to no stretch.

Tie on a Gomame and keep your tip low and attention high, the bite will be coming shortly.