Shimano Clarus CSCX86M2B



 I'm a firm believer of the right tool for the job. Over the years my fishing techniques have adapted into letting the fish tell me what they want rather than trying to force them into striking a lure that they're not interested in.  Each technique requires different tools.  So let us talk about an essential tool ; the fishing rod. When I'm  fishing I take a bunch of rods out on the lake with me. For instance say I'm going fishing for brown trout in the fall . In my arsenal of rods I will have at least 1 down-rigger rod, 1 top line rod, 1 spin casting rod, and 2 jigging rods. The first jigging rod will be used to fish 1/4 oz to 2 oz jigs and the second rod will accommodate 2oz to 4 oz.  Yeah, that's 5 rods for one fisherman with only two hands.

In this product review I will share with you one of the rods on my wish list with you. I first checked out this "kick butt" rod at the ISE show in Sacramento, CA in January and fell in love with it. The Shimano Clarus CSCX86M2B was exactly what I was looking for in a 2oz -4oz jigging rod.

So here are some sweet specs on the CSCX68M2B. This  is a 2pc 8' 6"  medium power rod that will pole vault your 4 oz jig in a beautiful arch  100 feet down under the boat and the extra fast action will keep you in touch with your jigs as it falls, so if a trophy trout even thinks about getting a taste of your jig, you will find yourself setting the hook like you have acquired a sixth sense.

Shimano Clarus rods are designed for serious anglers. Shimano used input from some of the best fisherman and dealers when creating the Clarus series of rods. Key features include newly designed reel seats that have the graphite rod exposed allowing your index and middle finger to detect the slightest vibration in the lighter and more sensitive IM-8 blank. The 13" rear and 3 1/2" fore grip are made of grade A cork handles making for a very well balanced rod. When fighting  a fish you will be taking full of advantage of the eleven Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides that are strategically placed to distribute the ever-changing load as you fight a fish and  Shimano’s Limited Lifetime Over-the-Counter-Warranty.

Whether or not you're in need of another fishing rod I would highly recommend  picking this one up . After all we can never have too many fishing rods.


Brad Stout