Jensen Flash Fly!

 While many River Anglers are well versed in flies, not nearly as many Lake anglers and especially Trollers think to use flies. A proven tactic in Northern waters that harbor large Kamloop and Gerrard Rainbows anglers often fish trolling flies behind side planers, behind Dodgers and flashers or simply fish them solo with a steady pump and go action. 

Many variations are out there from 2 inch standard Wooly Buggers style to 4 inch larger Frisky Jenny and 10 salt water Alf flies. Truth be told any streamer style fly will work and using them with weight, leaded line or attractors on flat line or down riggers will bring action on all species of Trout.

I really like the Jensen Flash Fly for large Browns and Lakers as the small composite head is similar to Salt Water tuna clones with pass through hole to tie in. I use a glow bead to sit atop the knot at the hooks and the mylar has tremendous flash. Just a little bullet weight slipped in will allow it to be fished in 3 to 10 ft of water and if deeper the leaded line option is a great way to reach deeper water. When fished solo I often pump the rod to apply stop and go action and we often slide a fresh minnowon on the leader line and drop the flash fly over it. You can also tie it behind a dodger or I like to use a J- Plug or Lyman Lure ahead to apply intense side to side action. The plug really gets the fly jumping around and at times you can get both lures stuck to fish making for a fun fight and a fantastic mess in the net!

With a variety of colors to choose from and tying on different color hooks you can really create your own little Flash Fly. Get out there and keep experimenting to get a hook into that fish of your dreams! Bent Rods and big smiles!  Better pics to come tomorrow.