The Magic Bullet?

 Have you ever been asked or possibly asked someone " well what is the magic color or pattern to use?"? Lets think for a second here, how should we answer that, or better yet do I have the correct answer. 

Whether your in the Salt or fresh, river or lake, pond or inlet there will always be go to color patterns and also go to baits that work in certain area's. We all know the fly fishing term of match the hatch which in most places and cases is a fail proof plan to get you into some fish. We all have favorite's that we tend to lean towards and what I often refer to as confident baits. An example may be a U 20 Flatfish in Silver or pearl. If you fish the lure enough you know the perfect speed for the action and running depth and over time will just catch fish on them as you feel comfortable with it.Every once in a awhile you may tie on a Frog pattern or your teenage know it all brings along a glow in the dark "RAVE Party" pattern and claims it to be the hottest new color on planet teenager.

Truth is most fisherman don't stray from a few lure designs and even more rare from lure color patterns. Manufactures produce so many different patterns these days it can be daunting just trying them all but here is a little secret. Company's continue to grow product line and color schemes annually as they desire you to purchase more obviously but fact is the oddball colors flat out work. Fisherman have for years custom painted lures and continue to do so, I do some myself and also out source jobs to have patterns others don't. How do I choose or know You ask? I don't really. Some patterns have been duds over time in my home water of Tahoe but then when dunked into slightly more stained lakes or rivers come to life for me. I have always enjoyed loud obnoxious colors that have had me the butt end of the joke's on a given fishing trip, until the line gets stripped off the reel by an over grown trout that decided my super bright ugly no resemblance of anything alive in the lake color pattern was too much to take and eats it. So where are we headed with this anyway? Switch away from all of our natural patterns? No chance no way! Buy a bunch of paint from a hobby store and make your own patterns? Maybe but probably not for most. Drive down swiftly to the Tackle shop and buy the newest color pattern? Possibly. What you do need to do is do what is most difficult for most all fisherman and especially experienced anglers. Keep an open mind and continue to try new stuff. 

We all have our go to lure designs and staple colors but throw in a few oddball colors. Try Glow, or UV patterns. Buy a couple new colors. Go online and shop lure painting, or if you have the time and some skill paint some up. They don't have to be perfect, or look like anything at all. I let my kids go to town with model paints and sharpie pens and to be honest have caught as many or more fish with lures that are not perfect. Try out different colors at different times of the day, month or season. Switch it up on pressured fish and see how they react. Stay flexible and open minded as so very often just placing out something that is a little different can bring on the action that has been lacking. 

My last tid bit for this Lil rant...... buy or paint 3 at a time, that way if it works good you have one extra for your buddy and one extra when you lose one!

Tight lines Mike